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Once I woke up on Mars…

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

It was early morning about 6am and I was still asleep until suddenly something disturbing make me open my eyes and still not yet awaked I saw a very strange scene… I could not think of any reasonable explanation or anything on earth that could make the sky and everything else look orange… It was absolutely weird and I just thought I was still dreaming or I might have been inspired by playing Doom 3 recently and just imagined everything look as through orange sunglasses… So I just continued sleeping until I heard my alarm and woke up and realized I was not dreaming and it was for real… everything around was just bloody orange, I even thought it was the end of world… Later I’ve heard on the news there was a dust storm. Strong wind brought tons of dust from desert to Sydney. Everything around was covered by thin layer of dust and I even could taste it on my teeth… It was a bit scary as I was not sure how long it would last or what could happen next – all the global warming and day after tomorrow were poping up in my head. But at the same time it was cool experience and I was quite amazed to see such an unusual scene. After I’ve arrived to city it was quite cool to see everything glowing in orange and that could be how people lived on Mars if there was an atmosphere and oxygen to breath… As I’ve later heard it was one of rare events in Australia happened in many years and it was amazing to witness it!